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Boston Fashion Week | USA, North America

Boston Fashion Week for every kind of fashionista

Serving the Boston fashion community is an honor and a privilege. That has never been truer than this past fall when it reached a very meaningful milestone — 20 years. 2015 will mark the start of our third decade and a new phase of our mission — Boston Fashion Week 3.0

The first ten years were dedicated to building a local fashion community. The next ten years were spent defining Boston fashion, as a whole. This process led us to develop our Boston Fashion is SMART campaign, which has already allowed us to explore fashion in interesting and unexpected ways.

The local fashion scene continues to grow organically, both in scope and variety. The great diversity of the region provides every type of designer and fashion professional with an audience, whether that means a group of 50 or 500. There really is something for everyone, and if you don’t see it yet, just wait a season.

The Boston Fashion Week calendar will remain a platform for every kind of fashionista, from students to prominent professionals who want to express themselves using traditional fashion week tools like runway shows and parties.

Those who reduce Boston Fashion Week to a series of events are missing the point. It has always been bigger than that. From the start it has been a movement — a vital one that the city takes pride in. The environment they’ve strived to create and maintain doesn’t allow the latest trends to eclipse the people who make fashion, or those who wear it. In an industry known for treating talent like a disposable commodity, that is no small feat.

Boston Fashion Week

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