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Cro A Porter | Croatia, Europe

Cro A Porter is the first national fashion week of Croatia with clearly set standards for the presentation of original collections of local designers. It was was founded in 2003.

With two seasons per year, Cro A Porter is also the project with the longest tradition in Croatia according to these standards. The fashion week introduced revolutionary advances in production and approached the Croatian fashion world standards. In addition to presenting the acclaimed designers such as Ivana Popovic, I-GLE, Linea Exclusive, XD Xenia Design, MAK, MATIJE Vujic it launched and affirmed names that now form the domestic scene like AMARIE, BOUDOIR, Ivica Klaric, Boris Pavlin, Hippy Garden, Elfs , Zigman, IVONA MARTINKO, Tihomir Krznaric, Fjaba, Arileo, Ivan Ledenko, Madame de MODE MARINE DESIGN, ANI ANI and others.

This season the team Schwarzkopf Cro A Porter 2015 again prepared a special surprise for their fans, but this time in festive attire. This month marks the 25th season Schwarzkopf Cro A Porter, one of the most fashionable events in this region. Most names of the local fashion scene showed the best of Croatian fashion design for this season on 26th and 27th March 2015.

Schwarzkopf Cro A Porter

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